Masahito Hayashi's Research Group

How to post a news with or without abstract

January 01, 2020

This post aims to guide the user how to write news posted.


We have the following tags for each post:

  1. layout: currently there is only one choice “post”;
  2. title: One can specify a title for each post. If no title is needed, just do not use this tag. This is the common case for “Publication news”.
  3. shortnews: if set “true”, then this post will be viewed as a short news, and thus all of its content will be displayed in the “HOME” page. If there is no this tag, only the first paragraph will be displayed in the “HOME” page.
  4. icon: for different types of posts, we can use different small icons. Commonly used choices are: “newspaper-o” and “star-o”. You can choose a desired one in Font Awesome Web Application Icons .

Posts with images

If you want to use an image to represent the post (which will appear on the rightmost of the title), you have to specify the following tags: